Why a Lawyer Should Look Over a Commercial Lease Before You Sign

commercial leaseRenting commercial property to open your own business of any kind can be an exciting adventure. However, fraud can occur as it does when you make other purchases. Before you sign any documents to finalize your commercial lease, consider speaking with Glendale litigation attorneys who can review the documents beforehand so that you’re aware of all of the legal obligations that you have and any issues that could arise in the future.

A detail about commercial leases that a real estate attorney Glendale CA office can discuss with you is that the landlord is usually favored if there are any issues that might result in going to court. This is usually because of the type of property that you’re renting compared to renting a home as the landlord often has more to lose with commercial property.

When you meet with a real estate fraud attorney about the commercial lease that you plan to sign, the attorney can look over it for accuracy. The attorney will make sure the details of the building are correct so that you rent the correct space and that the amount of the rent is established for the correct location so that you don’t overpay each month.

One detail that could benefit your business that Minassian Law Group can discuss with you is a guarantee that the landlord doesn’t rent another space to a competitor. This type of guarantee can keep you from cutting the prices of your services that could result in losing money over time. An attorney can also review the details of your lease to ensure that the landlord doesn’t rent to someone who could have a negative impact on your business because of negative practices that are performed or allowed, such as smoking outdoors or allowing loud music to be played in the business.