Tips to Avoid Rip-Offs From Contractors

contractorIf you are in need of some work done on your home, you may be tempted to just go with the first contractor that you find. Unfortunately, this can lead to you being ripped off and needing Glendale attorneys. Here are some tips that you should utilize in order to avoid getting ripped off by a contractor.

Get Referrals From People You Trust
There’s a good chance that someone you know has used a contractor in the past. This is why it’s a good idea to ask people you trust who they have used to complete work on their home. They can let you know who they would recommend or even stay away from.

Make Sure They Have The Proper Credentials
Only use contractors that have the proper credentials. You can visit the Better Business Bureau’s website to determine exactly how long the contractor has been doing business. It’s also a good idea to look online to find out if your contractor is licensed. Don’t forget to read reviews left by others on sites such as Yelp as well.

Have Them Put Everything In Writing
Don’t just rely on the contractor doing what they tell you they will do. You really need to have them put everything in writing. When they give you an estimate, have them write it down. They should also make a contract for the job that they are completing for you. This should include the payment schedule and completion dates. It’s a good idea to have Glendale lawyers review this contract before you sign it.

Not all contractors are legitimate, and they may only be concerned with getting your money. If you feel that you’ve been ripped off by a contractor, you need to contact a real estate attorney Glendale CA such as the Minassian Law Group. We can answer any questions that you have, and we can discuss what your next steps may be so that you can try to recoup some of the money that you lost.