Mr. Minassian is a solo practitioner who works with various experts and specialists in the field of real estate. The primary focus of the firm is on the initial, comprehensive evaluation of the claim or defense involved. After being involved with and settling over 1,000 litigated cases for the Los Angeles Superior Court, Mr. Minassian has a good sense about the following aspects of a case or defense:

  • The likelihood of success or prevailing in litigation;
  • The likelihood of the case settling prior to initiation of litigation or the filing of an Answer or Demurrer.
  • The economic and financial viability of prosecuting or defending a case;
  • The timelines involved for either settlement or litigation;
  • The emotional and practical toll litigation involves and how that impacts the quality of life;
  • Alternative and creative ways of resolving cases, including negotiations, mediation or arbitration.

What differentiates any small or solo firm from a large law firm? That is, besides the hourly rate charged and billing practices involving billing for every minute of involvement with a case?

As the old saying goes, “The Devil is Always in the Details,” and that principle is especially true in legal matters. Often times, there are factual and legal details that make a big difference in how a legal matter turns out, or whether a case settles prior to litigation. Having one experienced and seasoned attorney at one firm be in charge of all aspects of a case is the best way to maximize the chances of details not falling through the cracks.

Minassian Law Group is the right choice for the careful and meticulous Client who values thoroughness, attention to detail, tireless analysis and evaluation of all the relevant facts and law, exhaustive personal communication with the Client, and, the experience and seasoning necessary to effectively integrate it all into courteous, efficient and effective professional service.