Red Flags To Detect Real Estate Fraud

real estate fraudSince a real estate transaction is one of the most expensive business deals you will be involved in, you of course want everything to go smoothly. However, if you are not careful, you may find yourself the victim of real estate fraud. While this can take many forms, there are red flags you can look for that can alert you to think twice before handing over money or signing on the dotted line. Should you have any questions regarding a real estate transaction, contact a Glendale real estate attorney at the Minassian Law Group.

Examples of Real Estate Fraud

While there are many types of real estate fraud, some are more common than others. The most common involve mortgage fraud, foreclosure fraud, title fraud, or value fraud, which is where a seller omits crucial information about the property, leading a buyer to believe it is worth much more than its actual value. If you suspect you may have been a victim of any of these examples of fraud, do not hesitate to speak with a real estate attorney Glendale CA residents know can uncover the truth involving such matters.

Warning Signs of Real Estate Fraud

To make sure you do not become a victim of real estate fraud, there are numerous warning signs to watch for along the way. For example, if a seller wants you to send money to them for a property you have yet to actually see, chances are this is a scam. Also, if you are pressured to act immediately and asked to not consult with attorneys or others, you may become a victim of a mortgage scam, where this tactic is quite common.

If you have questions about a recent real estate transaction you suspect could be fraudulent, schedule a consultation today with a real estate fraud attorney from the Minassian Law Group.