Business Attorney Glendale CA

Are you locked in a dispute with a business partner that seems to be headed toward court? The dispute may involve the break up of the company or the establishment of a new subsidiary. It may involve dividing up the assets of a newly acquired company or the final tally from property your business has sold.

Arbitration May Be the Key to a Successful Resolution

Whatever the cause of your dispute may be, it doesn’t necessarily have to end in hostile litigation. This is a course of action that will waste a great deal of time, effort, and money. A firm of professional Glendale California business attorneys such as the Minassian Law Group may be able to help you avoid this fate.

Arbitration involves all parties in the dispute sitting down to negotiate. A legal expert from our firm of Glendale California business attorneys will arbitrate the dispute. The goal will be to reach a final settlement that all parties involved can agree on. It may not be perfect but if it works, you can avoid going to court.

If You Have to Go to Court, We Can Help

Some disputes are simply not fixable through any means but a court decision. If this is the case, call us today. We will give you expert legal representation. Our goal will be to make sure you get a fair hearing and a settlement that will meet your needs.

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A business attorney in Glendale CA at Minassian Law Group has the extensive business trial experience in a wide variety of business litigation cases. You will get attention from a lawyer who has been to trial and who has the experience to steer your lawsuit towards the best resolution.