Information That Should Be on Your Lease

lease agreementWhen you rent an apartment, house, or a commercial property, you will sign a lease. A legal contract between a landlord and tenant, it is a document you should pay close attention to before signing. Designed to let both you and your landlord understand your responsibilities and obligations, it can be difficult to go against the terms of a lease once it is signed. To make sure you understand what a lease is and what it should contain, contact a Glendale real estate law firm such as the Minassian Law Group.

Identifying Landlord and Tenant

No matter what type of lease you sign, it must always clearly identify both the landlord and tenant. In addition, the addresses of both parties should also be included in the lease.

Rental Term

In this section, not only should the property be clearly identified by its name or complete mailing address, but the rental term should also be clearly spelled out. This should include the specific dates on which the lease begins and ends, and always have exact dates rather than generalizations. If a dispute arises regarding this, always meet with a real estate attorney Glendale CA renters trust to resolve such matters.

Rental Amount and Due Date

If there is one common area of dispute between landlords and tenants when it comes to leases, it is issues concerning the amount of rent due and when it needs to be paid. To avoid such problems, it is always best to include very specific information as to how much rent is due each month, when it is due, and possible consequences of non-payment. Along with this, is it also recommended the lease include the full amount of rent due over the duration of the lease.

If you need assistance resolving a lease dispute, immediately contact a Glendale real estate attorney at the Minassian Law Group.