How to Start a Malpractice Case Against a Lawyer

lawyerThere are instances whereby you may have to procure the services of a lawyer. When you turn to an attorney, you will place your trust in them and believe they will do what is right. Some lawyers may make things worse instead of solving current issues. In case you have lost confidence in the attorney, you may consider suing them. If that’s the case, this is how to start a malpractice case against a lawyer.

It Is Not Easy to Prove a Malpractice Case

If the lawyer had made some errors, you could consider filing a lawsuit against them. The only issue is that it is hard to win such a case. Malpractice clearly indicates the lawyer did not utilize their skills accordingly. Also, the attorney did not care about the client’s case.

According to Glendale lawyers, to win the malpractice case, be ready to prove the following:

  • Breach- the attorney may have been negligent. They may have failed to do what they had initially agreed with the client.
  • Duty- the attorney owed you the responsibility to act appropriately.
  • Damages- you may have incurred some financial losses.
  • Causation- the misconduct of the lawyer may have caused some financial damage.

If you can prove the lawyer made each of these errors, Glendale attorneys can help you win the malpractice case. You are also supposed to showcase that you have won the case that had been mishandled by the initial attorney.

Some of the scenarios that showcase bad malpractice include:

  • When the lawyer stops working on your case- there are instances when the attorney starts to ignore your case; this amounts to malpractice. You are supposed to act quickly to ensure that your lawsuit will be handled appropriately. In this case, you can consider hiring Glendale litigation attorneys.
  • When the settlement being recommended by the attorney is less than what they quoted originally- this cannot be considered as malpractice. However, some lawyers may entice you with a high settlement so that you can hire them.

Are you planning to start a malpractice lawsuit against your attorney? Feel free to contact Minassian Law Group. We will guide you every step of the way and ensure you have won the malpractice case.