Accused of Fraud? How a Business Attorney Can Help

business fraud attorneyOverview

Minassian Law Group is a law firm in California. The firm practices law and provides legal services in various areas, including business litigation, business fraud, and commercial litigation. With experienced lawyers, the company offers fast, efficient, and result-oriented services to its clients. When accused of fraud, you can hire a business fraud attorney to assist you with the case. Visit the company’s website to get more information about what they do.

What is business fraud?

Business fraud is a fraud perpetrated by a company or an individual consisting of illegal and dishonest business activities that result in deceitful practices leading to economic injury. There is no day that goes by without hearing business fraud cases.

Elements of business fraud

  • A promise made without the intention of Performing it
  • A false representation of facts
  • Intention to deceive
  • The active concealment of fact
  • Damage occurred to the plaintiff due to reliance
  • Made by another
  • Intentional inducement of a plaintiff to act or shun from acting in reliance on the representation

How fraud accusation can affect a business

Fraud accusation leads to a financial loss of business. The financial statements will indicate the loss when money that was expected to come into the business never reflected, or there was an unexpected withdrawals.

You lose stakeholders and potential investors because fraud accusations affected the reputation of the company. Customers shift to other reliable suppliers in the future due to uncertainties in your organization.

How a lawyer can help in fraud accusation

When you wake up one day and find yourself accused of fraud at work, you need a fraud lawyer for the defense. There are many business fraud attorneys in the market. However, it’s crucial to consider various factors before choosing one to get the best. If you stay in Glendale California, you need a business attorney Glendale Ca, since he understands the law concerning this section in the state. The law differs from state to state, and that’s why you need an attorney within your area.